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Written by on May 20, 2015

We are very grateful for everyone who has participated in the New Church Day of Giving. Your generous contributions continue to make it possible for our church to continue to support our mission — to help people love the Lord and serve each other in all they do by presenting the truths of the Word […]

Help with Ministers Vestments

Written by on May 18, 2015

Did you know that the robes, stoles and girdles that the new ministers wear have been lovingly made by various New Church artists, seamstresses and caring individuals? Please help us continue this tradition. We need someone to handle the organization of making the girdles. If you are interested in doing this, contact Kelly Treacy at […]

Loving Arms Mission Relief Efforts in Nepal

Loving Arms Mission Relief Efforts in Nepal

Written by on May 1, 2015

For $244, Loving Arms Mission bought 660 pounds of rice, 150 packages of instant noodles, 15.4 pounds of salt, 55 pounds of lentils, 10 pounds of tea, 33 pounds of beaten rice, 180 packets of crackers, 17.6 pounds of soy protein, and plastic bags to divide it all into. They then drove 4.5 hours to […]

Newcomers’ Class

Written by on April 7, 2015

Would you like to dive a little deeper into the teachings of the New Church? We would love to share some of the ideas that have guided, encouraged, and supported us in our lives, and provide a time to discuss and ask questions about how New Church thought applies to daily living. Please join our […]